Project Ultra Cycling

Made for Progression

The story

My interest and passion for cycling and racing started back in 1996, when I as a four-year-old boy saw the former pro cyclist Bjarne Riis win the biggest road race in the world, Tour de France. I was immediately spellbound, and during that summer I started racing the other children in the neighborhood with the stabilizers still on my bike.
In 2016 I had planned my retirement from road racing, in order to focus more on coaching others. Coincidentally a friend called me and challenged me to do a qualification-race for the Ultra Cycling World Cup (WUCA). With just 10 days of preparation I signed up and finished the race at the podium as the youngest rider ever. Project Ultra Cycling was born. I am not a road racer. I am an ultra cyclist.

It is NOT about the cyclist

In ultra cycling it is not about the cyclist. It is about building a world class endurance team, that can deliver no matter what. It takes so many different qualities. Focus, innovation, planning, trust, and team spirit.
Project Ultra Cycling is about the thousands of kilometers, where our unique high-performance team is build. It is about sharing our stories with all of you guys through events, social media, and motivational speeches. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you go further, improve and progress.
Do you need help to achieve better performance?

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