The Coach


Welcome to the new home of Frank Institute of Sports.

I’m very proud to welcome you to a world of science, gear, improvement and most of all curiosity towards the limitations of your human body. (Yeah, you did read that. YOUR is very important in that sentence).

The curiosity is what drives me. I want to know more, explore and push the limits of personal performance. No matter if you run, swim or ride. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just taking your first baby steps towards your first ever accomplishment in endurance sports.

With a background in EuropeTour road racing and a current career in ultra cycling I know how it is to be an athlete working with various kinds of trainers and sports professionals. With my education in sports science I strive to be the best of both worlds. For me coaching is all about combining the scientifically proved theories with the assets and limitations of your current situation and everyday life. Understanding the human side of things is just as important as evidence-based improvements regardless if we are talking dieting, training or mental coaching.

With this new platform it will be even easier for you to reach out if you want to read about training and dieting for endurance sports, equipment for the tech-geeks, get feedback on your training, start working with me as your coach or book me for a speech at your work or local club.

Check out our new home and send me a message if you want to know more about coaching and how we together can ensure your progression.

Kind regards
Mads Frank


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