The meeting place before training

The place for a coffee break during training

The place where you get your coffee after training

The place you talk about between training

Café Veloriste. Because you can always start on a cup of coffee

The ambition to, without compromise, to be able to offer you the joy of training at us, also shines through at our Veloriste Café. Here, you will be able to enjoy a free cup of barista-style-coffee in cozy surroundings, discuss geeky training statistics with like-minded, or simply enjoy a five minute break with our magazines and books. We have it all - and no matter if you are an old dog or brand new in the world of endurance sport we are looking forward to seeing you.


Are you the sharpest mind in your cycle club? Prove it at our Veloriste Quiz. Christian Rico is the quizmaster, and the questions are always cycling related. See you there?

The Coffee

At Veloriste you get the house blend. The beans are specially selected and gives a cup of coffee with a deep and intense taske. Stop by. You won't regret it.


With coffee in hand and all warmed up, have a look at our gear. In the room next door you can see, and buy, all manner of advanced equipment. These are products that are chosen because we can vouch for the functionality, and demand that they contributes to better performance and comfort to you. Among others we have products from the Swizz X-BIONIC, Ergon, On Running, and many, many more.

Opening hours

We are open by appointment and during our events .
But if you want to show your club our coffeemaker or if you are just curious, just give us a call - we will figure something out.

And you can always end on a cup of coffee

We always welcome you to Cefé Veloriste. No matter if you are there alone or with a club. No matter if it is before or after training. And no matter if it is workday or weekend. Contact us and we will gladly show you around the café.

Untll then, enjoy the pictures below.