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What makes our bikefit unique?

Before I started working with bikefitting I decided that I wouldn't compromise quality. I asked myself: "What does it take to make the best possible bikefit for everyone?" I came up with 3 basic things which all quality bikefits should consist of:

  • Accurate and true numbers and measurements
  • Evidence/Science based testing and knowledge
  • Individualized body understanding

Our bikefit is a dynamic process where training and guidance are indispensable parts of the fit. Thanks to our 3D real-time motion capture technology and no-nonsense approach we ensure that you end up with a fit appropriate to your flexibility, strengths, weaknesses and the possible asymmetry in your current movement pattern.

A correct bikefit prevents injury. If you are already struggling with an injury it might be worth having a look at your fit. Through our movement analysis, manual screening process as well as strength and stability tests you will ride away with more knowledge on how your body works.

After testing countless bikefits on my own body through my time in road racing I have found that not all bikefit concepts are created equal. A bikefit should be individualized putting the rider in center of attention.
Mads Frank Ultra cyclist & founder of Frank Institute of Sports
Mads Frank MS Bike

Is coaching something for you?

Our coaching packages are build around you. Being a coached athlete at Frank Institute of Sports has nothing to do with your level. It is a question of mental state. Are you willing to work for your results in endurance sports? We are here to help.
Focus on progression

It has to be worth it working with a coach. This is one of our cornerstones. You have to feel the progression.

Scientifically and experience based coaching

With many years in the saddle, experience with Manual Sports Therapy, Sports Science and Performance Optimization from the University of Southern Denmark we combine personal experience with evidence based knowledge. By doing this we ensure that you get a personal coaching package which works in real life as in theory.

Customized training

One size does NOT fit all. At Frank Institute of Sports we are proud of always offering you customized coaching. We go into every detail with you and your life at the center of our attention.

Because you can always start with a cup of great coffee

The ambition of offering you the joy of training without compromise is part of every aspect of our institute including our Veloriste Café. Here you can enjoy a free cup of barista coffee, discuss the latest training ride or join our many different events. We don't have it all but we do have the best. No matter if you are new to training or experienced as few we look forward to welcoming you at Café Veloriste.


Are you the brightest cycling geek in your bike club? Drop by for our monthly Veloriste Quiz. Christian Rico is our Quiz-master and the questions are always cycling relevant. Go to our Facebook to see when the next edition is taking place.


At Café Veloriste you can taste our house blend carefully selected with Segafredo Zanetti. Our beans are carefully selected and offers an intense and classic espresso taste. Drop by on your next ride. You will not regret it.


With the coffee sorted have a look at our carefully selected equipment. All products are tested by ourselves in training as well as racing. Ensuring that they live up to our standards. We only sell products which makes you go longer, faster and with more comfort. Among our products you will find brands like X-BIONIC, On Running, Secret Saddle Club and Ergon.

Opening Hours

Café Veloriste is open at special events. Check our Facebook-page for full calendar. If you would like to show our café to your club or need a location for your next cycling event give us a call.